Listen to the Podcast session with Supaman.


On November 12, 2021, and during the celebration of National Native American Heritage Month, the new Bombyx Center for Arts & Equity, hosted a special event during its inaugural season, bringing for the first time in this new venue, Native American & Hip Hop artist Supaman.

Supaman is Christian Takes Gun Parrish. He is a member of the Apsáalooke Nation in Montana. As Supaman his musical career started in 2005 by putting together dance, hip hop lyricism, and music, by blending both, Native American, and hip hop sound elements, into a way of expressing the celebration of life, and a contemporary approach of what culture means for Supaman and his people.

During this conversation, we learn about his origins as an artist, the evolution of the hip hop fusion with Native American dance, music, and the representation as contemporary culture, and the importance of learning through an experience like his show for awareness and appreciation of the Native American people. And we also talk about his latest album “Medicine Bundle” its meaning, and the messages embedded in its songs.

To learn more about Supaman, his music, shows, and videos, visit

Also, you can find Supaman on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Watch the interview with Supaman

We want to thank Cassandra Holden and Kyle Homstead for their support in making this interview possible. You can visit to learn more about this new center for arts, and get updates of their upcoming events that will feature multiple talents from all over the world.

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