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Gateway City Arts, Holyoke Media, and Radioplasma are excited to bring an interactive and community based event to Holyoke that explores this community’s history, stories, and voices – straight from the source!

On this session, combining audio, and video, we welcome Cait Simpson, from Gateway City Arts, who is the organizer of Undisclosed Holyoke: Secrets and Stories of the Valley. This is an exploration into where we have been, and where we can go – all told through anonymous stories directly from the locals who have lived and loved in the valley.

The event will be presented on September 29th, 2018 and will use performances and multi media formats to express the voices that inhabit this beautiful valley. All of the stories that are shared will be displayed on our projector throughout the day, but they will also be integrated into an art exhibit and performance pieces!

Community organizations and businesses will be present all day to table and share ideas at the event. We will have interactive activities, sponsored prizes and raffles, and presentations on hopes for the future.

We are looking for stories (and secrets!) that contribute to the following categories:

-Homestead Holyoke (stories of growing up in the valley, and specifically Holyoke)
-Holyoke History (accounts of important happenings ingrained into the history of Holyoke)
-Valley Confessions (adult oriented, ranging from hilarious to heartbreaking to absurd- a place for everyone’s voice and experience)
-Sincerely Scary (true unexplained or ghost stories involving the local area)
-Dear Holyoke (goals and visions for the future of this great area)

*We will be focusing on Holyoke, but we welcome stories and experiences from the surrounding towns and the valley as a whole!
*We welcome all sorts of stories! We will not discriminate based on race, religion, sexuality, gender, or identity. However, we reserve the right to omit submissions if they contain hate speech or are derogatory and harmful.

undisclosed flyer

To submit your story, you can send a personalized and creative anonymous story by mail to:
92 Race Street Holyoke MA 01040

Or you can submit your story online through this link

Also, if you wish to share your story as an audio or video feature, you can send an email to: and we will do the arrangements for the recording, taping of your story.


Don’t Take That Receipt!

This is an important message, and awareness campaign, about BPA in receipts.

We welcome Hailee Enriquez, Ali Pinschsmidt, D’Lena Duncan, and Jaylynn Rentas, to talk about the campaign “Don’t Take That Receipt” to bring awareness about the presence of bisphenol-A (BPA) and bisphenol-S (BPS) in receipts.

Jaylynn and Hailee, are youth members of this team, as part of their summer job with Girls Inc. and Career Point, respectively. Ali is the leader of this initiative and a great mentor and media educator for youth in Holyoke.

On this session, we talk about the steps taken to create this campaign, the video as an engagement tool for educating about BPA in receipts, and also the experiences by the participants and their interactions with the public.

There will be an event to spread out the information about this campaign at the Community Room in the Holyoke Public Library, on August 15, 2018.

To know more about the campaign, you can visit the website and you can follow their social media on Facebook

This is the video, made with local talent.




[UPDATE, Aug. 8, 2018] Both workshops have been postponed for a date in September, yet to be announced. We will keep updating as new information emerges.

[ACTUALIZACIÓN, 8 Ago. 2018] Ambos talleres han sido pospuestos para una fecha en septiembre, pendiente a ser anunciada. Estaremos actualizando esta información, tan pronto esté disponible.

*Bilingual Workshop: Know Your Candidates* (descripción en Español más abajo)

Know your candidates and what’s on the ballot so you can be prepared to vote.

*Who can register for this Presentation?*
US citizens 18+ who will be voting for the first time or US citizens who have not voted in the last 4 years.

You must register for either workshop by calling 413-225-1210
or by sending an email to:

Please include your name and your phone number in the voicemail or email.

Please contact us ahead of time if you will need a reasonable accommodation or an interpreter. Locations are handicap accessible.

Each presentation will provide:

1. A hot nutritious meal prior to the presentation starting.
2. Child care for participants who have small children.
3. Information sheets on who and what’s on the ballot
4. Transportation to the voting polls on September 4th, 2018 (primaries) and November 6th 2018 (election day)
5. A $50 stipend for each person who attends this presentation (no more than 2 people for the same family)
*Taller: Conozca sus Candidatos*
Conozca a sus candidatos y lo que está en la papeleta de votación para que pueda estar preparado al votar.

*¿Quién puede registrarse para este taller?*
Ciudadanos estadounidenses mayores de 18 años que votarán por primera vez o ciudadanos que no han votado en los últimos 4 años.

Tiene que registrarse para el taller llamando al 413-225-1210 o enviando un correo electrónico a:

Incluya su nombre y su número de teléfono en su mensaje de voz o su correo electrónico.

El cupo es limitado, así que le llamaremos para confirmar su participación.

Déjenos saber con anticipación si necesitará una adaptación razonable o un intérprete. Las ubicaciones son accesibles para discapacitados.

El Taller incluye:

1. Una comida nutritiva caliente antes del inicio de la presentación.
2. Cuidado infantil para los participantes con hijos pequeños.
3. Hojas de información sobre quién y que está en la papeleta de votación.
4. Transporte hasta los recintos electorales el 4 de septiembre de 2018 (primarias) y el 6 de noviembre del 2018 (día de las elecciones)
5. Una retribución de $50 por cada persona que asista a esta presentación (no más de 2 personas por la misma familia)
The Community Voting Project (CVP) is a grass-root initiative focused on empowering people by providing information about their voting rights and helping them become active members of the democratic process. CVP does not endorse any political candidates; we focus on removing educational and logistical barriers so people are able to exercise their right to vote. This project is sponsored by an anonymous donor.

El Proyecto de Voto Comunitario (PVC) es una iniciativa comunitaria centrada en empoderar a las personas, proporcionando información sobre sus derechos de voto para así ayudarlos a convertirse en miembros activos del proceso democrático. CVP no respalda a ningún candidato político; nos enfocamos en eliminar las barreras educativas y logísticas para que las personas puedan ejercer su derecho al voto. Este proyecto está patrocinado por un donante anónimo.

Let’s Talk: The Racism at Smith College


HOLYOKE – AUGUST 3, 2018. Our teen media session, became a podcast recording and discussion, about the events of July 31st, 2018 at Smith College in Northampton, on the other side behind the Tofu Curtain. A Smith College employee reported a student of color to Campus Police, saying she seemed to be “out of place” in a dining hall.

Listen to our session with four of our Holyoke teenagers, participants of the media literacy program, and their thoughts and reactions about this matter. Because the actions of one person, followed by the actions and inactions of an institution, become a whole educational experience with a strong impact to a neighbor community, and also to its alumni, and many potential future students who feel concerned by these events, while being People of Color.

[UPDATE, AUG 3, 2018]

Minutes after the publishing of this recorded session, Smith College shared on their website: “The employee who placed the call to Campus Police has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the external investigation.”


This forum will remain open and available to welcome Smith College’s President, Kathleen McCartney to address this matter in front of our microphones. We offer fair time and space for Smith College to elaborate on their actions, updates, and plans for the future, and also the opportunity to answer remaining questions from our community, teenagers, and this independent media outlet.

#LetsTalk #OutOfPlace



Music brings us together! On July 28th of 2018, The Beachgrounds Park at South Hadley Falls, was the space for one of the most exciting and diverse musical, cultural, culinary, family oriented event this year. FallsFest brought together different cultures, communities, languages, and music genres in an energized free outdoor festival, made possible by Laudable Productions, Music & Arts South Hadley, and presented by Radioplasma.

Music from New Orleans, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, New York, Haiti, and Spain, along with games for children and adults, food, beverages of all sorts, arts, crafts, and the opportunity to share space and enjoy together of a multi-cultural display of talents, sounds, and celebration to life through music.

This is a compilation of visual samples of some of the performers at Falls Fest, captured by Iohann Rashi Vega.

Dave Wilson, from Chatham County Line

Ola Fresca

Mr. G & special guest, Glen David Andrews

Charmaine Neville

Mr. G & special guests, Lakou Mizik

Lakou Mikik

Cora de Granada

Glen David Andrews, closing with a powerful jam, along with Khaliff Neville, the members of Lakou Mizik, and all the performers at FallsFest, marching together, just like in New Orleans!

Thanks to Laudable Productions and Music & Arts South Hadley, for all the support and considerations to make this coverage possible.





Versión en Español:

Tenemos un deleite de sesión con el trío de Flamenco Corazón de Granada, quienes nos otorgaron un tiempo especial tras bastidores, momentos antes de su presentación en  New City Brewery en Easthampton, MA.

Escuchen esta conversación que incluye una muestra de su poderosa interpretación musical.  Corazón de Granada es un jóven trío compuesto por el cantaor Alejandro Luján, “El Gambimbas”; la bailaora Victoria Macias, y el virtuoso guitarrista Pablo Giménez. Ellos representan la tradición y legado de una forma de expresión artística, apreciada a nivel mundial, que invita a ser escuchada, vista, a sentirla y ser conmivido por su pasión, energía y ese duende escondido en lo más profundo del sentimiento y la inspiración.

Hicimos esta entrevista completamente en Español para poder capturar la esencia de las descripciones de su trabajo, inspiración y forma de expresión que incluye la belleza del acento. Respetando esta integridad, la belleeza del idioma Español y permitir a los tres artistas que no tuviesen que pasar el proceso de traducir durante la entrevista, decidí hacerlacompletamente en Español y después adaptarla en Inglés para el público no hispano parlante.

Para conocer más sobre Corazón de Granada, pueden seguirlos en Facebook

Queremos agradecer a Laudable Productions, World Music Collider, Torito Media y a New City Brewery por todas las facilidades para realizar esta sesión.

English dubbed version:

We have a treat on this session! Flamenco trio, Corazón de Granada gave us a special time for an interview, backstage, previous to their presentation at the New City Brewery in Easthampton, MA.

Listen to the power and talent of this young Flamenco trio, formed by cantaor Alejandro Luján, “El Gambimbas”; bailaora Victoria Macias, and the guitar virtuoso, Pablo Giménez. They represent the tradition and legacy of an artistic expression worldwide known, that invites to listen, watch, feel, think, and be moved by its energy and duende.

We did this interview completely in Spanish, as it was needed for the pureness of the descriptions of their work, inspiration, and expression. Respecting that, I felt it was important to keep it in its native language. So, we have two versions of this session. One completely in Spanish, and a second one, with translation, and adapted for the English speaking listeners, still in production.

Thanks to Laudable Productions, World Music Collider, Torito Media, and New City Brewery for all their support to make this session possible.

You can learn more about Corazón de Granada and follow them on Facebook


The Valley Bike Share Program (Part 2): HOLYOKE

Valley Bike Holyoke

The Valley Bike Share Program is currently active and available in Holyoke, along with the cities of Northampton, South Hadley, Springfield, and UMass, in Amherst. We wanted to follow up on the coverage of this program, previous to its launch, and now we welcome Marcos Marrero, Director of the Planning and Economic Development Office for the City of Holyoke.

On this episode, we talked about the bike stations in Holyoke, the planned accessibility for the community, and the advantages, benefits, and expectations of this program.

Also, we addressed some questions and concerns from the public, related to this program, as an opportunity to provide more information and education.

You can sign up and activate your membership to the Valley Bike Share program at

Manuel Febo, sworn in as the new Chief of the Holyoke Police Department. July 20, 2018

Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy in Holyoke

We are so excited for this beautiful, powerful, inspiring, genuine and honest music session with singers, songwriters, Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy.


Ayla is a former American Idol contestant, Basketball player, and a talented singer, songwriter. Rob, is a former hockey player who found in music a new passion.

This episode is full of energy and beauty, not only from the music performance in the studio by Ayla and Rob but also by the professional, spontaneous, and heartwarming takeover on the production, recording, and hosting by our Girls Inc. interns, Victoria and Rosa.


Enjoy of this conversation, music clinic, intimate live performance, and amazing media production piece made entirely by youth.


For more information about Ayla and Rob, you can visit, and follow them on social media.

Ayla and Rob will perform at Gateway City Arts, 92 Race St, in Holyoke, on July 20th, 2018, at 8:00 PM.

Tickets are available at

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