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Holyoke Mayoral Candidates Forum

Listen to the full debate with the four Mayoral Candidates, Michael Siciliano, Jason Ferreira, Paul Bowes, and Mayor Alex Morse, recorded on September 20th, at El Mercado, in South Holyoke, previous to the preliminary election on September 26th, 2017.

This is a special feature of the Radioplasma podcast, in partnership with the Holyoke Neighborhood Associations, El Sol Latino, Holyoke Media, and Councilor Nelson Roman.

The Radioplasma’s audio podcast, and the video, produced by Holyoke Media, are available for the public on this posting.




The series “Know Your Candidates”, presents a conversation with each one of the candidates for Ward 3, previous to the Preliminary Election of September 26th.

Each candidate was invited to talk individually about their motivations to run for office, their campaign plans, and some of the identified issues on Ward 3, that need the most attention on City Council.

You will have the opportunity to listen to candidates David Bartley (incumbent, running for re-election), and Anne Thalheimer.

Candidate Darlene Elias has been invited to be interviewed and she has accepted. Due to scheduling difficulties, she hasn’t been able to record her interview. In fairness to the other candidates, we are releasing their interviews today, September 18th, to allow enough time for the public to listen to their interviews. Candidate Elias is still welcome to do her interview, previous to the Preliminary, and it will be posted as soon it is recorded.



Rebel Diaz (Rebellions in Spanish as a single word), is a Hip Hop project hailing from The Bronx and Chicago. Its members, Chilean brothers Rodrigo Venegas, a.k.a. RodStarz, and Gonzalo Venegas, a.k.a. G1, along with DJ Illanoiz, visited the Pioneer Valley on September 9th and they offered a free educational workshop about Hip Hop and Activism, at the Wistariahurst Museum, in Holyoke. That evening, they also performed at the Millpond Live in Easthampton.

The morning after, we got together at the plasma media lab, to talk about their experiences in Holyoke and Easthampton, and their work as Hip Hop artists, educators, activists, and creators.

Special thanks to the Wistariahurst Museum for opening their space for this free educational workshop for the community. Also, we want to recognize the Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership, and the Rosenberg Fund for Children for their efforts to make possible this workshop and performance by Rebel Diaz in Holyoke and Easthampton.

You can follow Rebel Diaz on their official Facebook Page. Also, you can visit

Alexis Diaz


Meet Alexis Diaz. A Holyoke promise. A young man on the path to success, sharing his story and experiences in LightHouse, The Holyoke Youth Commission, The Sustainable Holyoke Youth Leadership Initiative’s Summit in Martha’s Vineyard, a trip to Boston with Commissioner Will Morales, being invited to Barrios Unidos in Santa Cruz, CA, and now, beginning a new chapter at Holyoke Community College.

These are the stories worth of sharing and celebrating. This is our youth and future leaders.


Anne Thalheimer – The Holyoke Local Cultural Council, followed by a random conversation

Anne Thalheimer joins us for a randomness session.


We talked about the Holyoke Local Cultural Council, and the funding opportunities they provide for the Holyoke community. The application for grants opens on September 1st and the deadline is October 16th. You can visit the official Holyoke Local Cultural Council website, for more information. Also, they have a Facebook Page. If you are interested in applying for a grant, you can follow this link.

Then, we talked about different projects Anne is working on: My Monster Hat, A Roller Derby comic book, and music.

This is the song mentioned by Anne during the conversation: “Water me” by Lizzo




Mater Dolorosa Church Preservation Society of Holyoke – John Fydenkevez

John Fydenkevez is part of the Mater Dolorosa Church Preservation Society of Holyoke, a local organization dedicated to protect and preserve the Mater Dolorosa Church. Their initiative proposes to purchase the building and bring it back as a Cultural Center.

This historic building has an impressive work of art inside. The following pictures, provided by John Fydenkevez, display the beauty and magnificence of the Polish Heritage, and the architectural features of Mater Dolorosa Church.


On September 9th, at 2:00 PM, there will be a tour of the Mater Dolorosa Church’s campus and neighborhood, guided by Robert Comeau. You can find more information about this and three more upcoming tours on the Facebook Event Page.

You can follow and support the Mater Dolorosa Church Preservation Society of Holyoke on their Facebook Page


Holyoke Herald interview with Mr. Dana Brown

The Holyoke Herald, in partnership with Radioplasma, present a special edition of the Podcast, with an interview produced and hosted by Isabella Courchesne, Feroze Sibdhanny, and Siobhan Brennan. They interviewed Mr. Dana Brown, new Principal of the Holyoke High School, previous to the start of the school year 2017-2018.

You can follow the Holyoke Herald at their website:



Joe Courchesne – The Holyoke Herald

The Holyoke Herald is our local newspaper, a platform for young journalists from Holyoke High School to cover our local affairs and tell our own stories.

On this session, we interview Joe Courchesne, Holyoke High School English Teacher on the lead of this important source of information, to learn about the Herald’s process, development, and future plans that include a partnership with the radioplasma podcast, to expand its coverage as a multi-media news outlet, that will integrate audio, podcasting, and video.

You can follow all the information published by The Herald on their website:

And also through Twitter, @hhsherald and Instagram


Josue Cruz Morales – Holyoke Youth Leadership

The Sustainable Holyoke Youth Leadership Initiative is having local follow up activities, workshops, and engagement with the youth delegates who attended the Summit at Martha’s Vineyard on the last week of June. Our guest is Josue Cruz Morales, a lawyer and youth advocate from Vieques, Puerto Rico. He shares his story as a way to inspire youth in the community to follow their dreams and set goals for their future.

Josue’s visit to Holyoke is one of a series of events the Sustainable Holyoke Youth Leadership Initiative will be organizing, to keep youth active in their leadership development.

You can visit the Sustainable Holyoke Youth Leadership Initiative’s website to get more information.



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