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Conversations at the Canal. Coming soon, this Summer.

The nice Summer weather brings our recording sessions outdoors. We will be doing a series of conversations at the canal, to enjoy the sunlight and the view of the Holyoke Canal Walk.



Meet Christopher Gibaldi and Hope Ross. They are the family team of Learn in Motion. A program designed to getting children ages 3 to 5, active and engaged in sports activities, combining fun and learning, through educational and movement-based programming.

On this session, the whole Learn in Motion family talk about the program, its development, and the positive impact is creating in the community.

Learn in Motion

You can visit Learn in Motion Facebook Page and their official website.

STEVEN HUERTA “Journeys: An American Mix Tape”

Steven Huerta is a Holyoke resident artist, creator of the exhibition “Journeys: An American Mix Tape”, displayed at the Wistariahurst Museum and it was made to celebrate June, National Immigrant Heritage Month.

On this conversation with Huerta, you will get to know the details about this collection of art pieces, that tell a story, connect with immigration, history, heritage, music, memories, and beauty.

You can visit the Wistariahurst Museum’s website to see the pieces of this exhibition.



Immigrant Stories: Yusef

Meet Yusef. Yusef is from Venezuela. This is a story full of surprises, diversity, and an enjoyable conversation about many different topics that cover politics, religion, coffee, a cat, and identity.

This is our series of stories of Holyoke residents who are immigrants, during the celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month, throughout June.


Lecture by Ginetta Candelario: “Immigrant’s Incorporation and Life Chances in Holyoke”, at the Wistariahurst


As part of the events celebrating National Immigrant Heritage Month, The Wistariahurst Museum hosted on June 14th of 2017, the lecture “Immigrant’s Incorporation and Life Chances in Holyoke” by Professor Ginetta Candelario.

This radioplasma special feature includes the entire lecture, recorded during this event, and allowing the community to listen to this well-documented presentation about Holyoke’s history.

For more information about the events planned for Immigrant Heritage Month, you can visit the Wistariahurst website:


Holyoke Herald Podcast – Second Week of June 2017

Holyoke Herald Staff Reporters Owen Lavelle and Feroze Sindhanny, report on the events of the second week of June at Holyoke High School.


Places that Matter

The Center for Design Engagement is inviting people in the community to add places that matter, on the map of Holyoke.

This project has a goal of collecting data from the community to create a map that connects the people from Holyoke with those special places that have a story, a background, a legacy, a relevance for the community.

Max Page, one of the Directors at CDE, and a professor at UMass, explains the details of this project, and the outcome of the first session. During the first meeting, there were several groups designated to identify those places that matter. The conversation brought different locations, buildings, spaces, hidden spots, stores, streets, and even organizations that have influenced the development of communities in the city.

The next session will be on Friday, June 16th, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the Center for Design Engagement located at the corner of Dwight and Race Street. Lunch will be served.

If you wish to participate in this initiative and add the places that matter to you on the digital map, you can visit:



Immigrant Stories: Andrés Villada

The City of Holyoke is celebrating the National Immigrant Heritage Month during June, with several activities dedicated to recognizing the contributions of immigrants from different cultures, and countries. As part of this celebration, radioplasma is featuring a series of stories from immigrants, living in Holyoke.

This episode features the story of a young man, who is a Mayoral aide, and an active member of the community. He is Andrés Villada, from Colombia.

You can follow the activities for this celebration at the Wistariahurst Museum’s website:

And also at the City of Holyoke calendar website:


This is a special feature, with the recording of the panel “Journeys Home: Perspectives on Immigration”, recorded at Heritage State Park Visitors Center on June 7th, 2017.

The panelists are: Attorney Megan Kludt, an immigration lawyer from Curran & Berger, LLP, in Northampton. Professor Raul Gutierrez, a local Professor of Spanish at Holyoke Community College and a Mexican immigrant. Marikler Giron-Toensmeier, Manager at the WayFinders office in Holyoke and an honoree of Immigrant Heritage Month. Lastly, Eduardo Samaniego, an undocumented immigrant who is attending Hampshire College and is working for the Pioneer Valley Workers Center in Northampton.

Mayor Alex Morse has partnered with Wistariahurst Museum to bring a month-long series of events to the City of Holyoke for Immigrant Heritage Month.

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