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Holyoke Mayoral Candidates Forum

Listen to the Holyoke Mayoral Candidate forum that was held at October 23rd, 2017 at the Holyoke Council on Aging, in on this special coverage by radioplasma, in collaboration with Holyoke Media.

This is the video produced by Holyoke Media.

On this forum, the mayoral candidates for the 2017 election in Holyoke, incumbent Mayor Alex Morse and Mayoral Candidate Jason Ferreira answer questions in regards to different topics of relevance and concern for the community, Covering economic development, safety, youth, seniors, and policies, among others.

This forum was made as a collaboration of the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, the Holyoke Taxpayers Association, the Holyoke Youth Task Force, the Gandara Youth Development Center, Holyoke Media, and radioplasma.




Mayor Alex B Morse joins us in a conversation about the achievements, challenges, plans, and vision for the City of Holyoke, as he runs for his fourth term as Mayor.

You can find more information about Morse’s campaign on his website



Mayoral Candidate Jason Ferreira talks about his campaign, motivations to run, plans, and vision for the City of Holyoke.

You can find more information about Ferreira’s campaign on his website:

At-Large City Councilor Candidates Forum


Listen to the At Large City Councilor Candidates Forum in its entirety, on this special coverage of the 2017 Election by radioplasma. This is part of the series “Know Your Candidates”, and also a collaboration with The Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, The Holyoke Taxpayers Association, The Holyoke Youth Task Force, The Gándara Youth Development Center, and Holyoke Media.

Nelson R Roman


City Councilor for Ward 2, Nelson Roman, is running for re-election. On this session, he reviews the work of the past two years, and the issues that will be part of the work to do on a second term, if re-elected.

You can find more information about Nelson Roman’s platform on his website

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Dori Digenti – Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio


Dori Digenti is the founder of Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio, a space for community connection. As a certified Yoga instructor, Dori is offering the benefits of Yoga and Meditation to the community in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

On this episode, we talk about her studio, activities, that include a free session facilitated in Spanish, scheduled for October 7th, from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM at Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio, located at 208 Race Street, Suite 301, in Holyoke, MA.

breathing space

You can learn more about Dori Digenti and Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio on her website, and follow its activity on Facebook.

J’Anthony Smith


J’Anthony Smith is a Candidate for Ward 2 at Holyoke City Council, and the youngest candidate on the 2017 election. During this conversation we got to know the motivations of Smith to run for City Councilor, and his campaign strategy.


Related: You can also listen to the interview with the contending candidate for Ward 2, Nelson Roman


James Brunault


The series “Know Your Candidates”, presents the conversation with James Brunault, candidate for City Council, Ward 6.

Related: You can also listen to the interview with the contending candidate for Ward 6, Juan Anderson-Burgos


La Gringa in Holyoke

The Urban Theater Company is visiting Holyoke during the weekend of September 22 to 24. As part of the celebration of The 2nd Annual Taste of South Holyoke Festival, they will present ‘La Gringa’ at El Mercado, 413 Main Street in South Holyoke.

We had a conversation on stage, with the whole cast and crew, about their experience visiting Holyoke and their interaction with students from Morgan School, Kelly School, and LightHouse, who attended their rehearsal, previous to the recording of this podcast session.


Palante Theater Company is an affiliated organization of the Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts, MiFA, created on 2016 with the goal of opening a black box theater on Main Street in Holyoke. Proceeds from this show will go towards that goal. This is the first collaboration between Palante Theater and the Urban Theater Company of Chicago.

La Gringa’s showing is a part of the 2nd Annual Taste of South Holyoke Festival in the heart of South Holyoke and the Puerto Rican Cultural District. This show is sponsored in part by the Holyoke Cultural Council, Nueva Esperanza Inc, City Councilor Nelson Rafael Roman and the City of Holyoke.

At the time of this recording, Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd night shows are sold out. You can get tickets for the matinee performances of La Gringa on September 23rd and 24th at MiFA’s website:


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