Listening to ÌFÉ performing live is to experience a cathartic, spiritual transmutation of what organically and digitally can be perceived as a purification through music. After the sublime performance of ÌFÉ at the Bombyx Center for Arts & Equity in Florence, MA, we sat down with Otura Mun, leader and founder of ÌFÉ, to catch up and talk about his work.

And I say “to catch up” because we happen to know each other from the early 2000’s rave and electronic music scene in Puerto Rico when we shared the stage as DJs in multiple events. So, this session covers Mun’s journey from his experience in Puerto Rico from 1999 until now, going from DJ and Selector, to producer and musician, now as ÌFÉ.

You will learn the meaning behind the concept of putting digital production elements into an organic performance of instruments that hold a sacred ancestry. Also, we go deeper into the concept of ÌFÉ’s latest release, 0000+0000.

ÌFÉ at Bombyx

You can learn more about ÌFÉ, visiting ife-music.com Also, ÌFÉ is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We want to thank Cassandra Holden and Kyle Homstead at Bombyx Center for Arts & Equity; and Edo Mor at Collider, for making this experience possible.

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