Music brings us together! On July 28th of 2018, The Beachgrounds Park at South Hadley Falls, was the space for one of the most exciting and diverse musical, cultural, culinary, family oriented event this year. FallsFest brought together different cultures, communities, languages, and music genres in an energized free outdoor festival, made possible by Laudable Productions, Music & Arts South Hadley, and presented by Radioplasma.

Music from New Orleans, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, New York, Haiti, and Spain, along with games for children and adults, food, beverages of all sorts, arts, crafts, and the opportunity to share space and enjoy together of a multicultural display of talents, sounds, and celebration to life through music.

This is a compilation of visual samples of some of the performers at Falls Fest, captured by Iohann Rashi Vega.

Dave Wilson, from Chatham County Line

Ola Fresca

Mr. G & special guest, Glen David Andrews

Charmaine Neville

Mr. G & special guests, Lakou Mizik

Lakou Mizik

Corazón de Granada

Glen David Andrews, closing with a powerful jam, along with Khalif Neville, the members of Lakou Mizik, and all the performers at FallsFest, marching together, just like in New Orleans!

Thanks to Laudable Productions and Music & Arts South Hadley, for all the support and considerations to make this coverage possible.



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