Let’s Talk: The Racism at Smith College


HOLYOKE – AUGUST 3, 2018. Our teen media session, became a podcast recording and discussion, about the events of July 31st, 2018 at Smith College in Northampton, on the other side behind the Tofu Curtain. A Smith College employee reported a student of color to Campus Police, saying she seemed to be “out of place” in a dining hall.

Listen to our session with four of our Holyoke teenagers, participants of the media literacy program, and their thoughts and reactions about this matter. Because the actions of one person, followed by the actions and inactions of an institution, become a whole educational experience with a strong impact to a neighbor community, and also to its alumni, and many potential future students who feel concerned by these events, while being People of Color.

[UPDATE, AUG 3, 2018]

Minutes after the publishing of this recorded session, Smith College shared on their website: “The employee who placed the call to Campus Police has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the external investigation.”


This forum will remain open and available to welcome Smith College’s President, Kathleen McCartney to address this matter in front of our microphones. We offer fair time and space for Smith College to elaborate on their actions, updates, and plans for the future, and also the opportunity to answer remaining questions from our community, teenagers, and this independent media outlet.

#LetsTalk #OutOfPlace

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