House of Colors

Our teen host Shayleena, shares a conversation with Micah Katz Zieger, who is in charge of the programming and activities with the House of Colors LGBTQ Youth Group, based at Enlace de Familias in Main St. in Holyoke, MA.

In these images, you can see the dynamic of our radioplasma session being recorded at the Teen Room in the Holyoke Public Library, as the teens are engaged in different activities at the same time.

This youth group engages in different activities to provide a safe space and create awareness in different spaces around the city. For the past months, House of Colors has been meeting at the Teen Room in the Holyoke Public Library, during our media literacy sessions for teens, and as a way to recognize their presence, Shayleena and Micah talked about House of Colors in this Radioplasma episode.


To know more about House of Colors, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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