Concerts on the Canal: Bach and Friends


We welcome soprano singer, Mary Hubbell, and pianist, and harpsichord player, Greg Hayes. In this session, we talked about their upcoming concert, “Bach and Friends”, where they will be performing “The Wedding Cantata” (BWV 202) by J. S. Bach. This free event will also feature other pieces, like the Oboe Sonata in C minor by Giovanni Platti, a contemporary of Bach’s, as well as selections from the “Schemelli Songbook,” a collection of favorite devotional songs from Bach’s era.

Mary and Greg also shared their experiences as musicians, and the meaning of music and the connection with the audience when performing.

Bach and Friends, is part of the series of Concerts on the Canal, presented by Gateway City Live. This is a free event, open to the public of all ages, and it is scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd, 2019, at 3:00 PM at Gateway City Arts, 92 Race St. in Holyoke, MA.

The musicians for this program are:

Sarah Briggs, violin
Kaila Graef, violin
Gregory Hayes, harpsichord
Mary Hubbell, soprano
Aaron Lakota, oboe
Alice Robbins, cello
Delores Thayer, viola

More information is available at Gateway City Arts

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