World Music Super Collider! Latinx Edition


Music brings us together!

The World Music Super Collider is an enhanced version of a series of events that go beyond the concept of a music concert and instead become a gathering for dancing and enjoyment of music from different countries and cultures. On this session, our guest and friend, Edo Mor, gives us all the details and the history behind the Collider events.

On October 7th, the Super Collider, Latinx Edition brings a celebration to Latin America’s music with an outstanding lineup of four bands, instead of the usual two of previous editions:

Río Mirá, is a marimba group formed by artists across borders in a region connected by a shared history. The group is named after the Río Mirá, which runs between Colombia and Ecuador.

Ladama is an all-woman multinational group with a musical blending of pop, rock, and jazz influences sung in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, and mixing styles and cultural influences from Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia.

La Orquesta El Macabeo from Puerto Rico, are a pure blast of energy and fun. This former punk rock band, bring powerful salsa music with reminiscent flavors of rock, ska, punk, and reggae.

Berkshire Bateria is a local percussion ensemble led by Jim Weber, with an impressive energy performing Rio’s rhythms on a batucada vibe, bringing the unique sound of Brazilian carnival sounds and beats.

The World Music Super Collider Latinx Edition is scheduled for October 7th, 2018 at the Shea Theater, 71 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA 01376

For more information and tickets you can visit the official collider website at:

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