PROMESA, a documentary film by Michelle Falcón.


Filmmaker, Michelle Falcón (left), and activist, Nathalie Vicencio (right), are our guests on this bilingual session to talk about the screenings of “Promesa”, a documentary film by Michelle Falcón, telling the stories from families and people from Puerto Rico, and the economic crisis.

This documentary is named after the acronym of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, that also means “promise” in Spanish.

We discussed the creation of the documentary, and how the need for help to the families relocated to Holyoke and the Pioneer Valley, led Nathalie on taking the initiative of creating a volunteer group to assist them on the daunting process of getting a household.

“Promesa” will be screened on May 2nd at 11:00 AM at Holyoke Community College, and on May 3rd at 6:30 PM at the Holyoke Public Library. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the filmmaker, and three activists featured in the documentary. These two screenings will be bilingual with subtitles, free, and open to the public.

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