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April 2018

Carmen Yulin Media Session

San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, spoke to the local latino media during her visit to Holyoke, previous to her presentation at Mount Holyoke College on April 26th, 2018.

Carmen Yulín in Holyoke


La alcaldesa de San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz ha sido nombrada entre las 100 personas mas influyentes en el mundo, por Time Magazine. Y uno de los eventos de la Semana de Innovación de Holyoke fue una sesión de preguntas y respuestas en Gateway City Arts,  con Carmen Yulín y miembros de la comunidad.

La transmisión de este evento es una prducción de radioplasma y Holyoke Media, nuestros propios medios locales de comunicación en Holyoke.

Pueden escuchar la grabación del audio de este evento, traído a ustedes por radioplasma.

El vídeo estará disponible en este espacio, una vez Holyoke Media lo publique.


San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, has been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world, by Time Magazine. And one of the events of Holyoke Innovation Week, was a public Q&A session with Yulín, and the community, at Gateway City Arts.

The broadcasting of this event was produced by radioplasma and HolyokeMedia, our own local media outlets in the city.

You can listen to the audio recording of this session, brought to you by radioplasma.

The video will be available here, as soon Holyoke Media makes it available.

Wayfinders – Resident Leadership Program 2018


Our guests are Sarah Page, Senior Vice President, Community Building, and Engagement, and Chakai Duany, AmeriCorps VISTA Member with the Holyoke Office of Wayfinders. On this episode, we talked about the Resident Leadership Program for Holyoke Residents, being held for five weeks through May and June.

Also, we extended our conversation on other important services and projects in development by Wayfinders, like the housing services, Library Commons, upcoming cleanups.

For more information about the Resident Leadership Program, you can see the official flyer: Resident Leadership Program Flyer

Also, you can visit Wayfinder’s website at




Innovation Week

We welcome Insiyah Mohammad Bergeron, Holyoke Innovation District Manager, and Transformative Development Initiative Fellow for MassDevelopment. On this episode, we talk about the Holyoke Innovation Week, putting together a collaborative effort to showcase some of the assets in the city, that covers the arts, crafting, businesses, technology, venues, landmarks, food, education, wellness, media, and community, among others.

From April 22nd to the 29th, The City of Holyoke will have a series of events and workshops, in several locations across Downtown Holyoke.

For more information, schedules, events, workshops, and details of Holyoke Innovation Week, you can visit

Continue reading “HOLYOKE INNOVATION WEEK 2018”

National Poetry Month 2018: Honoring Dr. King’s Legacy





On the morning of April 10th, 2018, it was brought to our attention, a couple of videos posted by The Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce on Facebook, promoting an event named “Margarita Madness”. Later that same morning, the videos were taken down, after a strong wave of reactions, comments, and messages, addressing the levels of racism, ignorance, cultural appropriation, disrespect, cultural insensitivity, and entitlement. However, that was more a damage control move, to eliminate any evidence, and pretend nothing happened.

You can watch one of the videos posted by the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce, featuring Youssef Fadel.

Facebook video captured by Neftalí Durán

There has been no official statement from the AACoC, regarding their ignorance, and the racist, entitled, cultural innappropriate, offensive, and badly produced video. Such silence is deafening.


After this editorial was shared on the Facebook Event of Margarita Madness, on April 11th at 10:30 AM, Lindsey Matarazzo, the lady in one of the videos, posted the following statement:

“This is Lindsey from Russell’s Liquors. I understand that I have offended a community with my recent post promoting Margarita Madness. I would like to apologize to all those who took offense to my video, it was by no means meant to offend anyone, and for that I am sorry. Putting my business aside, I write this as a women and an individual who believes all deserve their voice to be heard. I have read and heard all that you have said and I respect the pride and love that you have for your culture. I hope those that I have offended will accept my sincere apology and know that I will use this as a learning experience for all my future endeavors.”

As a reply, we invited Ms. Matarazzo to “keep the communication open for a further dialog that could broaden the understanding of our multicultural environment”, thanking her for coming forward, and owning and acknowledging the impact of the video.

At this point, the AACoC continues silent, feeling that those offensive videos being taken down, and the cringing image on the event displaying an old caucasian lady, holding a margarita, wearing a sombrero, being replaced for a generic margarita glass and the name of the event would be enough. Damage control, yet no intentions of ownership nor acknowlegdment.


TEEN TOWN HALL AT HCC [March 31st, 2018] Special coverage by The Holyoke High Herald, in collaboration with Radioplasma.

Teen town

This is a special event coverage, produced in collaboration between radioplasma, and The Holyoke High Herald. On March 31st, 2018, there was a Teen Town Hall at Holyoke Community College, that brought several politic figures in a Town Meeting format, to engage in conversation and answering questions from teens in the Pioneer Valley.

Organized by Youth Rise Together, the Teen Town Hall, gathered State Representative Aaron Vega; U.S. Representative, Jim McGovern; a representative from the office of Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Candidate for Congress in the First Congressional District, Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, in a session that covered issues like gun violence, racism, safety, climate change, among others.

Holyoke High Herald assigned staff reporter, Charlie Brunette to cover this special event, and also is hosting this episode, with the summary of the whole Teen Town Hall, and comments as a high school student, representing Holyoke.


ONE HOLYOKE CDC: The Great Gatsby, The Flats Community Center, and their work on community development.

One Holyoke


One Holyoke CDC is not only doing Community Development on housing management, they also are bringing theater performances, and community engagement in different creative ways.

Michael Moriarty and Israel “Izzy” Rivera are our guests on this episode, and they share the news on the recent plans for a Community Center in The Flats, cleanups, a house relocation, and the upcoming performances of “The Great Gatsby” at Holyoke High School, and Wistariahurst Museum.

For more information about “The Great Gatsby” and get your tickets, you can visit The MIFA Victory Theater website at

Also, you can visit One Holyoke CDC website to know more about their work with the community in The Flats and across the City of Holyoke.

Jackie Velez – Neighbor 2 Neighbor, Holyoke Chapter



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