La Loba Loca – Abuelita Knowledge

La Loba Loca, is an artist, researcher, and facilitator. Her core philosophy is based on (re)claiming and (re)membering Abuelita Knowledge and learning how to use our roots as a tool for liberation and transformation. As part of a lecture presented by SCOPES and Students for Food Justice “Growing in Confined Spaces” with Maurice Smalls and La Loba Loca at Smith College in Northampton, La Loba Loca, stopped by the Plasma Media Lab Studio to talk about her work and the importance of Abuelita Knowledge in our society. Thanks to Nathalie Vicencio, who coordinated this podcast session.

Visit her website to know more about La Loba Loca and all of her work.

Also, you can follow her on FacebookInstagram, and her blog



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