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April 2017

Betsy Cortis – Music Director at WCCH 103.5 FM

Betsy Cortis is the Music Director at WCCH 103.5 FM. The Holyoke Community College Radio Station. In this episode, she shares her experiences at the radio station and the possibilities this media outlet offers to the local community. Also, this opens a new collaboration pathway between this podcast and the college radio station, to provide local content for the community. You can tune WCCH 103.5FM on your radio, or listen their live stream online.





Holyoke Herald Podcast: 4th week of April 2017

HOLYOKE – Our Holyoke Herald youth journalists, Feroze Sibdhanny and Owen Lavelle, return after a vacation week with a summary of their activities, and an invitation to attend the free event “Latinas con Pluma” this Friday, April 28th, at Wistariahurst Museum. [April 26, 2017]

Curated Sounds: Earth Day by Iohann R Vega


We celebrate Earth Day with a selection of songs and pieces dedicated or inspired by Earth, as a celebration or as a call to action to protect and respect our planet.

Exploring several musical genres like world music, folk, electronica, acid jazz, trip hop, hip hop, and ambient ethereal, this session is designed to inspire, relax, and feel good.

Hosted and curated by Iohann R. Vega.



Youth Truth: The People That Shape Us

The HEROES Youth Leadership Project visited the plasma lab studio to talk about their performance Youth Truth: The People That Shape Us, at Holyoke High School.

This performance in coordination with the Enchanted Circle Theater is part of the different activities for youth in foster care, provided by the Treehouse Foundation.

Sage Curtis, Director of the program, and Amina Jordan-Mendez, Youth Coordinator, along with Sarah, Sam, and Dan, share their thoughts and invite the community to support them, by attending their performance scheduled for April 26th, 2017 at 6:30 pm at Holyoke High School.

For more information about Re-Envisioning Foster Care in America Movement: TreeHouse Foundation, you can visit their Facebook page and their website:

Holyoke Herald Podcast: 2nd week of April 2017

HOLYOKE – Our Holyoke Herald youth journalists, Feroze Sibdhanny and Owen Lavelle, return with a summary of recent events in the City of Holyoke, and the Holyoke High School, for the second week of April. [April 12, 2017]

Presencia – Veronica Garcia and Zydalis Bauer

Presencia is a bilingual TV show produced by WGBY. For two seasons, Presencia has featured stories, interviews, and conversations about different aspects of the Latino community in the Pioneer Valley. In this episode of the radioplasma podcast, Veronica Garcia and Zydalis Bauer, hosts of the show, share their stories and experiences creating and developing this project, that also includes the opportunity for youth to participate of a summer internship at WGBY.

You can find more information about Presencia and watch all episodes online at their website:


Children of the Wild – The Wastelands in Holyoke

The Children of the Wild return to Holyoke to perform “The Wastelands”. An immersive Opera inspired by Dante’s Purgatorio, that engages the community with kinesthetic poetry, music, and the city as the stage. This Opera is scheduled for May 5th, 6th, and 7th at the Holyoke Creative Arts Center, on 384 Dwight Street, Holyoke, MA. This is a FREE event for the community.

You can find more information about this event and all the work and projects by the Children of the Wild on their website:

Marikler Girón Toensmeier – Resident Leadership Program

Marikler Girón Toensmeier is our guest and she shares the details of a program designed to empower members of the community for the development of leadership skills, community organization, conflict resolution, communication, and government. This is the Resident Leadership Program. A five weeks workshop offered free of cost to Holyoke residents, ages 15 and up. The 2017 program begins on May 4th. There are still spaces available for sign up. Contact Marikler at (413) 302-2017.

Marikler Girón Toensmeier es nuestra invitada y comparte los detalles de un programa diseñado para desarrollar y fortalecer a la comunidad con habilidades de liderazgo, organización comunitaria, resolución de conflictos, comunicación y gobierno. Este es el Programa de Liderazgo para Residentes. Un curso de cinco semanas, ofrecido en inglés y español, libre de costo para la comunidad, que inicia el 4 de Mayo de 2017. Hay espacios disponibles. Para inscribirse, puede contactar a Marikler Girón Toensmeier al (413) 302-2017.


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