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Curated Sounds: Earth Day by Iohann R Vega


We celebrate Earth Day with a selection of songs and pieces dedicated or inspired by Earth, as a celebration or as a call to action to protect and respect our planet.

Exploring several musical genres like world music, folk, electronica, acid jazz, trip hop, hip hop, and ambient ethereal, this session is designed to inspire, relax, and feel good.

Hosted and curated by Iohann R. Vega.



Nelson Roman

Nelson Roman is not only Ward 2 City Councilman, he is also an activist, a warrior, and someone who is engaged to the community. This conversation, describes his personal story and how these experiences led him to become a community leader. Also, listen to a music playlist for Curated Sounds, selected by Nelson Roman.


Curated Sounds Impromptu: No Borders! by Iohann Rashi Vega


Curated Sounds Impromptu: Resist! by Iohann R Vega




Curated Sounds by Aaron Vega

Enjoy a musical selection by our guest host, Aaron Vega

Music Playlist: Canciones Eclécticas

Radioplasma is not only about conversations.
It’s also all about music!!!

We will feature a series of selected music playlists, curated by guest hosts and some live sessions made by radioplasma, to discover, re-discover and explore genres, trends, sounds, cultures and the power of music. Continue reading “Music Playlist: Canciones Eclécticas”

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