We went mobile, and the plasma media lab had a pop-up session at the ArteSana’s headquarters, located at Elm St. in Holyoke, MA. This project is fascinating! It combines community engagement, creative workshops, free English for Speakers of Other Languages classes (ESOL), and a focus on building a more equitable and sustainable world through community, creativity and entrepreneurship.



They have several loom machines where they create pillow covers and other pieces, utilizing recycled t-shirts as the main source material for their production. Also, the participants gather to have conversations and share their knowledge on weaving with each other, creating a warm, welcoming, and family-like environment.

ArteSana, is a new model for equitable and sustainable entrepreneurship, creating high quality, handwoven accent pillows, carpets, headbands.


Check their work, and help their mission by donating t-shirts and supporting their business model. Artesana’s website is

Also, you can find ArteSana on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube



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