The Holyoke Hummus Company is celebrating the first year anniversary of their restaurant located at 285 High Street in Holyoke, MA. this January 17th, 2018. The Holyoke Hummus Cafe is not only a local place to get great falafel, hummus, and other delicious food but is also becoming a social hub for community engagement. Listen to this conversation with John L. Grossman and Dawn Cordeiro, about the experiences over the past year, and how this family business is the connector with many local resources, and also an inspiration for other businesses. Join the celebration, visit the Holyoke Hummus Cafe, follow their activities … Continue reading HOLYOKE HUMMUS COMPANY

A Holyoke Canal Tour, with Robert Comeau

Let’s have a good history conversation about the Holyoke Canals. Our guest is Robert Comeau, and he shares with us his knowledge about many details of the Canals, its use, its history and legacy, and the importance of this hidraulic system for the City. Also, you can get the opportunity of experiencing the Holyoke Canal Tour, offered and guided by Robert, scheduled for May 20th, 2017. You can find more information about the May 20th tour on Facebook Continue reading A Holyoke Canal Tour, with Robert Comeau


On Sunday, May 7th, from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM, the bridge connecting Holyoke and South Hadley on Rt. 116, will be the venue for the very first River Roll and Stroll Street Festival. A free event for all ages. We talked with Sean Condon, organizer, and creator of this idea of meeting at the bridge for family activities, including music, games, parades, food, and the opportunity to enjoy the view from the bridge. You will know how this event was designed, and what are the activities planned. You can follow the River Roll and Stroll on Facebook, Twitter, and … Continue reading RIVER ROLL AND STROLL STREET FESTIVAL