Iréne “I-Shea” Shaikly: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


After an unexpected hiatus due to COVID-19, here we are. Radioplasma is back in the cyber-ether.

We return to our conversations and randomness, with a session and a story of resilience, adaptation, and a reminder of self care, with Iréne I-Shea Shaikly, emcee, poet, percussionist, dancer, singer, actress, youth worker, and educator.

On this session we talked about Iréne’s process and adaptation through COVID-19, the experiences of a trip to Senegal that inspired some of her most recent musical work with the Lost Tribe. A song titles “Say Their Names” that you can listen here.

Also, there are several project to follow that Iréne is involved with, and upcoming events that you can enjoy from the safety of home:

The Gaslight Tinkers at Stone Church – July 22nd.

Pamela Means

The Lost Tribe

and of course follow Iréne “I-Shea” Shaikly on Facebook

You can watch our video version of the interview here:

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