Session recorded at the Readywipe Gallery, in occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Dead, titled: “Por Nosotros y para Todos Nosotros, Día de los Muertos Holyoke Community Altar.”

This was an emotive, colorful, beautiful collective experience, created by Neftalí Duran, Jason Montgomery, and the Readywipe Gallery, to make a space to honor, remember, and celebrate the lives of the dear departed friends, and family members of the community, in a ceremonial ofrenda that connects to the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, celebrated on November 1st, and 2nd.

In this conversation with Jason Montgomery, we discussed the meaning of this altar for the Chicano, Mexican, Indigenous people, and how this event became a shared experience for members of the community in general to feel part of it, ensuring there is a respect for this tradition, ritual, and cultural manifestation, while we celebrate together being alive, and being able to remember our dead.


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