As part of the Millpond.Live series of concerts, the third show, offered a powerful experience with Haitian artist, Vox Sambou.

In this backstage conversation right after his show, we talked about the amazing experience we all had, and also the importance of representation, multi-cultural awareness, and diversity.

After the interview, you will enjoy a sample of his performance in this free series of concerts in Easthampton, MA. Thanks to Laudable Productions for all the support and access to produce this interview.

Recorded backstage at Millpond.Live in Easthampton, MA on September 7, 2019

For more information about this free series of concerts, visit Millpond.Live

To know more about Vox Sambou and his music, visit his website: www.voxsamboumusic.com

You can watch the backstage interview below, followed by a sample of Vox Sambou’s performance at Millpond.Live.

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