July 25, is a relevant, historical date for Puerto Rico.

In 1898, The United States invaded and seized Puerto Rico as part of the Spanish-American War. In 1952, Puerto Rico became self governed commonwealth of the U.S. under the name of Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico. In 1978, two young men were killed by police at the sad events of the Cerro Maravilla massacre.

Today, July 25th of 2019, Puerto Rico is celebrating the resignation announcement of its governor, Ricardo Roselló, scheduled for August 2, 2019, after several large demonstrations from the Puerto Rican people in the island (and the diaspora in the U.S. and around the world) as a reaction to several acts of corruption and a series of comments and expressions made by the governor in a chat conversation, that was exposed to the public.

Natalia Muñoz, News Director of Holyoke Media, joins the conversation to discuss the backstory of these events, and its relevance for the Puerto Rican society, moving forward, after the resignation of Ricardo Roselló.


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