This session is part of the media literacy activities at the Holyoke Public Library’s Teen Room, where our Teen Host, Shayleena, interviews Rachel Dowd, Teen Librarian, about the activities planned for this summer of 2019.

Some of the activities mentioned during the interview are:

Mural Workshops with two artists from Puerto Rico from the Colectivo Moriviví.

Starting July 8th, and concluding on August 2nd, with a celebration that will reveal the finished murals.

Relationships on Screen.

In partnership with Tapestry Health, there will be a series of screenings of Movies and TV Series, that will be the conversation starter to discuss relationships and the ways they are portrayed on screen. Fridays from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Holyoke Media Recording Studio

Holyoke Media, brings a portable recording studio to the Teen Room every Wednesday for youth to record music, podcasts, stories, and produce audio and video projects.

Reading with Rooster

Every Monday, Rooster, the therapy dog comes to the Teen Room for a special time of reading and interacting with the beloved therapy dog.

Free Meals

Holyoke Public Schools is providing free lunch from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM from Monday to Friday at the Library.


For more details about the activities, you can contact Rachel Dowd at Holyoke Public Library.

(413) 420 8119

Also, you can visit the Holyoke Public Library Teen Room website:


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