Residential Fiber-Optic Internet Question


Our guests are Laura Clampitt and Ken Lefebvre, who submitted a proposal for City Council in order to have approved a nonbinding question to be included on the November’s election ballot, asking the voters about the feasibility of a study that would allow access to fiber optic internet for residential use.

After several meetings, reviews, the question was approved by City Council with a 7-4 vote, and one abstention.

The question on the ballot will be:

“Should the Holyoke Gas and Electric conduct a feasibility study on a gradual roll out of fiber optic internet for residents of the City to purchase, and the findings be presented at a City Council meeting by April 2022 or sooner?”


In this session, we talk about the process Laura and Ken went through, the reasoning to request this study, and the importance of having options that will benefit the public.

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