The Soul of Hip-Hop: Live, with The Dillatronics

Soulf of Hip Hop

Live music and a music conversation in the house, with The Dillatronics. This is an ensemble made for a special performance at “The Soul of Hip Hop: Live”, an event dedicated to honor and celebrate J Dilla’s musical work and influence.

Our guests are Damany Gordon, from Genuine Culture LLC; Zack Cross, on the keys; Mtali Banda, on the sax, and Ted Sullivan at the drums.

Listen to a couple of samples of what it will be their performance and the details of how the work and influence by J Dilla became such a strong inspiration in their musical development. First, “Runnin” by The Pharcyde, followed by “My Life” by Erykah Badu:

The Soul of Hip Hop: Live is happening on February 8, 2019, at Gateway City Arts.

Thanks to Damany Gordon from Genuine Culture LLC for making this event and this session possible.


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