Our guest is Bonnie Kane, musician and curator of The Thursday Experiment, a monthly series of  music performances, at Gateway City Arts, showcasing practitioners of improvisation and experimental music, using traditional and non-traditional acoustic, electronic, electric, mechanical instruments and sources.
Celebrating its second anniversary, with session 24 on Thursday, December 20, 2018, Bonnie invites everybody in the community to join the Thursday Experiment and experience it either as audience or participating in the jam session, where you can bring your own instrument and play.
On this session we talked about the concept, and its importance for learning experiences, community building, and an alternative to enjoy of unique sounds and music, and staying local, in the Holyoke downtown area.
thursday experiment
The Thursday experiment for December 20, 2018, will have performances by:

1. IZIKHOTANE (Hartford, CT)
Jim and Karl lay down the words and the sounds of volcanic life.

2. CRAIG CHIN (Beacon, NY) – processed baritone guitar, modular synths – textural/deep listening.

3. From Holyoke, JEN GELINEAU (electric violin, objects, electronics) and WILLIE GUSSIN
(bass, electronics, tape)

4. OPEN SESSION – a jam with audience members and invited artists.

Bring your instrument and play!

For more information, calendar of future sessions, and contact Bonnie, you can visit the Thursday Experiment page at Gateway City Arts.
Also, you can follow The Thursday Experiment on Facebook.
To know more about Bonnie Kane and her music work and performances you can visit her website:
Also, Bonnie has a YouTube channel with samples of her performances, and samples of previous Thursday Experiment sessions:
For a list of the albums and recorded work by Bonnie Kane, you can visit her Bandcamp site, where you can also purchase some of her recordings.


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