First Day of School

Radioplasma as a platform for our local youth to use it as an outlet for expression, media creation, and sharing their thoughts and opinions, welcomes Shayleena as our host on this session, that reviews her experiences on the first day of school at Holyoke High.

This is an opportunity for us to learn the perspective of a student on the day to day activities, and also how the current changes are being perceived.

At the same time, Shayleena brings to our attention several matters that we must listen and follow up. Good things are happening, and also many changes are still needed.


Also on the first day of School, several organizations, community leaders, community members, service providers, elected officials, firemen, police officers, and parents, welcomed the students as they arrived at the gates in several schools in Holyoke. This video shows the welcoming at Holyoke High, Dean Campus, and Morgan Elementary School. Other schools that held welcoming for the children were Kelly Elementary, Lawrence Elementary, E.N. White Elementary, and Holyoke High School.

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