Gateway City Arts, Holyoke Media, and Radioplasma are excited to bring an interactive and community based event to Holyoke that explores this community’s history, stories, and voices – straight from the source!

On this session, combining audio, and video, we welcome Cait Simpson, from Gateway City Arts, who is the organizer of Undisclosed Holyoke: Secrets and Stories of the Valley. This is an exploration into where we have been, and where we can go – all told through anonymous stories directly from the locals who have lived and loved in the valley.

The event will be presented on September 29th, 2018 and will use performances and multi media formats to express the voices that inhabit this beautiful valley. All of the stories that are shared will be displayed on our projector throughout the day, but they will also be integrated into an art exhibit and performance pieces!

Community organizations and businesses will be present all day to table and share ideas at the event. We will have interactive activities, sponsored prizes and raffles, and presentations on hopes for the future.

We are looking for stories (and secrets!) that contribute to the following categories:

-Homestead Holyoke (stories of growing up in the valley, and specifically Holyoke)
-Holyoke History (accounts of important happenings ingrained into the history of Holyoke)
-Valley Confessions (adult oriented, ranging from hilarious to heartbreaking to absurd- a place for everyone’s voice and experience)
-Sincerely Scary (true unexplained or ghost stories involving the local area)
-Dear Holyoke (goals and visions for the future of this great area)

*We will be focusing on Holyoke, but we welcome stories and experiences from the surrounding towns and the valley as a whole!
*We welcome all sorts of stories! We will not discriminate based on race, religion, sexuality, gender, or identity. However, we reserve the right to omit submissions if they contain hate speech or are derogatory and harmful.

undisclosed flyer

To submit your story, you can send a personalized and creative anonymous story by mail to:
92 Race Street Holyoke MA 01040

Or you can submit your story online through this link

Also, if you wish to share your story as an audio or video feature, you can send an email to: iohann@radioplasma.com and we will do the arrangements for the recording, taping of your story.


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