“Let’s Talk – Hablemos”: The Parades



Let’s talk!

This is our first iteration of a new series of conversational discussions on topics of interest, led by Holyoke local media, and open for everybody to participate and follow up.

On this first session, we discuss the Puerto Rican Parades, that took place in Hartford, Springfield, Holyoke, during the previous weeks, and happening in New York, on June 10th, 2018.

“Let’s talk – Hablemos” is an approach to generate a diverse and open series of conversations, where journalist, Natalia Muñóz, News Director at Holyoke Media, along with Radioplasma’s producer and host, Iohann Rashi Vega, will share and present points of view on news, events, issues, and affairs of our local, regional, and national environment.

We want to invite everybody to suggest topics of conversation, and join us. Let’s talk!

We welcome all opinions and points of view, from everybody in the community.

You can reach out to Natalia Muñóz on Holyoke Media, at natalia@holyokemedia.org and you can reach out to Iohann R. Vega on radioplasma, at iohann@radioplasma.com


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