HOLYOKE SOUP – SPARK, with Tessa Murphy Romboletti


[UPDATE Feb 7th, 2018]: Due to a snowstorm, SPARK re-scheduled the Holyoke SOUP event for Thursday, February 15th of 2018 at the same time and location.

Tessa Murphy-Romboletti, Director of SPARK, supports businesses in development to connect, learn, and thrive, through a series of courses, and access to tools and resources they need to be successful. One of these initiatives is Holyoke Soup, a community gathering to know and support new emerging local businesses. The first Holyoke Soup event of 2018, also is taking place at a new venue, The HCC Culinary Arts Institute. We talk about it and the plans for SPARK in 2018.


The Holyoke Soup event is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7th Thursday, February 15 of 2018, starting at 5:30PM, at the HCC Culinary Arts Institute, located in CUBIT Building, 164 Race Street, in Holyoke, MA.

SPARK also will be announcing soon the creation of a new collaborative workspace in Downtown Holyoke. Stay tuned with Radioplasma for more information on this.

You can follow all the activities of SPARK on their website, sparkholyoke.com

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