Radioplasma is also a workshop for youth, learning about media creation and media literacy. This space features the work created at the workshops by youth. Podcasts, Storytelling, Music projects, and Multimedia features. Listen to the youth’s most fresh ideas and talent.

Radioplasma es también un taller de enseñanza para jóvenes, quienes están aprendiendo sobre la creación de proyectos mediáticos. Este espacio presenta los trabajos creados por los jóvenes en estos talleres. Podcasts, Relatos e historias, Proyectos musicales y de multimedio. Aquí podrá escuchar y descubrir las ideas y talentos juveniles más actuales.

Holyoke Herald and Radioplasma, collaborating on a local media platform that includes audio and podcasting training for youth reporters.

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Second Week of June 2017

First Week of June 2017

Summary of the last week of May of 2017: The Melva Awards, celebrated on May 23rd, 2017.

Summary of the fourth week of April of 2017

Summary of the second week of April of 2017

Summary of the first week of April of 2017

Second Podcast, with a summary of events during March of 2017:

Listen to their very first piece: