Christina Gusek

Our guest on this session is local artist Christina Gusek. Her colorful art is outstanding for a unique style and aesthetic that connects with the future. This is a co-produced and co-hosted episode with Holyoke Herald staff reporters, Marty Keane, Isabella Courchesne, and Brendan Leahy. This session also promotes the exhibition “The Art of Christina Gusek – Year 2050 and beyond” that opens on August 9th, 2017 at the Holyoke Hummus Company. 285 High St. You can see the work of Christina Gusek on her Facebook Page. During the conversation, it is mentioned a video Iohann made in Atlanta, at … Continue reading Christina Gusek

Natasha Colón Ortíz – Paper City Art Kids

Paper City Art Kids is a creative pop-up shop for kids and families to paint and explore their creativity. Natasha Colón Ortíz created this local business to engage the youth in Holyoke into arts. This conversation reveals Natasha’s inspiration and the story of this project. Paper City Art Kids is located at 92 Race St. in Holyoke, MA. You can follow Paper City Art Kids on Facebook. Continue reading Natasha Colón Ortíz – Paper City Art Kids

Michael Thomas Siciliano – Mayoral Candidate

The series of interviews “Know Your Candidates” resumes, with the first Mayoral Candidate, Michael Thomas Siciliano. You will have the opportunity to know about Mr. Sicilano’s motivation to run for Mayor, and he presents his platform for the Mayoral Campaign. You can visit the official website of Michael T. Sicilano, at Also, you can follow his campaign and events on his Facebook page   Continue reading Michael Thomas Siciliano – Mayoral Candidate

Liz Whynott – The Needle Exchange Program at Tapestry

Liz Whynott, Director of HIV Health and Prevention Services at Tapestry, is our guest. During this session, Liz shared valuable information regarding the needle exchange program, its history, development, and current services, as well as the positive impact. This conversation also brought the opportunity to discuss some of the misconceptions about the needle exchange and offered information to clarify what the needle exchange is, and how it operates. The information about the program is always available to the public. You can get more information about the Needle Exchange Program and all other services provided by Tapestry at their website: Also, … Continue reading Liz Whynott – The Needle Exchange Program at Tapestry

Diana Alvarez

“…music, performances, and randomness.” These are some of the taglines that define the content you can find on radioplasma. Get ready to enjoy a conversation and performance by Diana Alvarez. Her sultry and powerful voice has captivated the attention of many, in our local cultural circles. We had a conversation about Diana’s musical development, her projects, and of course, an intimate musical session that is guaranteed to be a delight. You can know more about Diana Alvarez, her work, projects, and upcoming performances, on her website, and her Facebook Page Continue reading Diana Alvarez