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May 2017


Bruce Fowler and Dean Nimmer are the creators of the Great Holyoke Brick Race. A fun event that brings the community together, with a unique race, where cars made of a brick, try to outrun the others, utilizing gravity as the only motion source. Listen to their story about how this race was created, and the plans for their 6th installment, scheduled for June 10th, 2017.  
You can find more information about The Great Holyoke Brick Race on their website:


Holyoke is a city of immigrants. Known as the “Ireland’s Parish”, even before being officially named as the City of Holyoke, the “Paper City” has always been home for different cultures, nationalities, traditions, and influences. For this reason, the recognition of the immigrants who made and still make Holyoke what it is, becomes a month-long celebration of diversity, community, and identity during June, National Immigrant Heritage Month.

Mayor Alex Morse, talk about the celebration, some of the activities planned for the month of June, and the importance of recognizing the different communities in the city.

The Wistariahurst Museum will be hosting several of the activities of this celebration, becoming the main hub to welcome everybody in the community to share and celebrate our diversity. Their website, provides the information of the scheduled events.

You can find more information about the opening ceremony, and the calendar of activities during the month of June, in the City of Holyoke website:





Holyoke Herald Podcast – interview with Tessa Murphy-Romboletti

Holyoke Herald staff reporters Owen Lavelle and Feroze Sibdhanny, interviewed Tessa Murphy-Romboletti, Manager of the SPARK Program, an entreprenurial series of classes, workshops, tools, and network of business-oriented support for the community in Holyoke.




MARCOS MARRERO – The Office of Planning and Economic Development

Our guest is Marcos Marrero, Director of The Office of Planning and Economic Development for the City of Holyoke. We talked about the planning of the Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway – Cabot Street Corridor, that will connect the Willimansett Bridge in South Holyoke, to the Canal Walk on Race Street.

Marrero is inviting people from the community to provide feedback, comments, questions, ideas, suggestions, and participate in a Public Engagement Session that will take place at El Mercado, 413 Main St. Preliminary plans for the corridor will be presented and the Office wants to know what people think. This Public Session is scheduled for Thursday, May 18th at 5:30 pm. Also, you can reach out to the Office of Planning and Economic Development through their website
Also, you can see the progress and updates of the Office on

Holyoke Farmer’s Market – The Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce

Our guests are Kathy Anderson, President of the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, and Andrés Villada, Mayoral Aide for the City of Holyoke. On this session, we talked about the 2017 Farmer’s Market season, beginning on May 18th, 2017, and happening every Thursday until October on High Street, in front of City Hall.

Also, Kathy shares valuable information about the Chamber of Commerce, and all the different programs and services they provide for the business membership and the community in general.

You can find more information about the Farmer’s Market on Facebook.

Also, you can know more about the different programs and services available at the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce on their website.


A Holyoke Canal Tour, with Robert Comeau

Let’s have a good history conversation about the Holyoke Canals. Our guest is Robert Comeau, and he shares with us his knowledge about many details of the Canals, its use, its history and legacy, and the importance of this hidraulic system for the City.

Also, you can get the opportunity of experiencing the Holyoke Canal Tour, offered and guided by Robert, scheduled for May 20th, 2017.

You can find more information about the May 20th tour on Facebook



Sustainable Holyoke Youth Leadership Initiative, hosted by Feroze Sibdhanny.

radioplasma continues featuring youth-led productions, now with an episode produced, hosted and led by Holyoke High Herald staff reporter, Feroze Sibdhanny.

Listen to this conversational interview about the Youth Leadership Summit, organized by the Stone Soup Leadership Institute, with its Executive Director, Marianne Larned, and educator, musician, and leadership facilitator, Kutasha Silva, from Vieques, Puerto Rico.

You can find more information about The Sustainable Holyoke Youth Leadership Initiative on their official website and on Facebook

Also, you can read the story written by Feroze Sibdhanny, and published in the Holyoke High Herald


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