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2nd Community Dinner at Kelly School


Chris Medina, Israel “Izzy” Rivera, and Justin Chavez “Extraordinaiire”, are our guests and the organizers of the Second Community Dinner at Kelly School, an event open for everybody to join and share as a big family, where food, music, entertainment, and activities for children, families, will be available, for free.

This Community Dinner will be at Kelly School, 216 West St. in Holyoke, MA, on December 6th, 2017 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.


Puerto Rican Flag Raising

The Puerto Rican Flag Raising at Holyoke City Hall was dedicated to Carmen Ocasio, President of the South Holyoke Neighborhood Association for her active work as a community leader. This event was held on November 6th, 2017.

This is the moment the Puerto Rican Flag was raised.




Jeff Bianchine – Holyoke Creative Arts Center 100th Anniversary Gala


Jeff Bianchine is our guest. He is the Director of the Holyoke Creative Arts Center. As part of the efforts to continue the legacy of Holyoke women who began this creative work in 1917, the HCAC provides resources and services that include the Print Shop at 62 Main St.

To celebrate 100 years of creative arts, Jeff invites the public to know about HCAC, join as a member, support it, and also join the 100th Anniversary Gala, happening on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at Gateway City Arts.

You can find more information about the Holyoke Creative Arts Center and get tickets for the 100th Anniversary Gala on their website:



City Councilwoman Gladys Lebron-Martinez is running for re-election, and she shares her experiences at City Council, and her vision for a new term as City Councilwoman.

Related: You can also listen to the interview with the contending candidate for Ward 1, Juan Sanchez

Jossie Valentín – Ward 4 City Councilwoman


Running unopposed, City Councilwoman for Ward 4, Jossie Valentín, joins us in the series “Know Your Candidates”, to talk about the work done over the past four years, and the challenges for her next term in Ward 4, the City Council, and the City of Holyoke.


Holyoke Herald Staff Reporters Isabella Courchesne, Brendan Leahy, and Feroze Sibdhanni, prepared a series of questions for the Mayoral Candidates, Alex Morse and Jason Ferreira, for a special radioplasma broadcast at the Shevlin Studio in the Holyoke High School. This forum will be also re-aired on Channel 12.

This Forum was a collaboration of The Holyoke Herald and Radioplasma partnership.

Full credit goes to the Herald Staff Reporters, hosting the forum, and to Holyoke High students of the Video Journalism class, operating the cameras, and master control. TV and radio podcasting live produced by our youth.

Special thanks to Joe Courchesne and Mike Hines.

Holyoke Mayoral Candidates Forum

Listen to the Holyoke Mayoral Candidate forum that was held at October 23rd, 2017 at the Holyoke Council on Aging, in on this special coverage by radioplasma, in collaboration with Holyoke Media.

This is the video produced by Holyoke Media.

On this forum, the mayoral candidates for the 2017 election in Holyoke, incumbent Mayor Alex Morse and Mayoral Candidate Jason Ferreira answer questions in regards to different topics of relevance and concern for the community, Covering economic development, safety, youth, seniors, and policies, among others.

This forum was made as a collaboration of the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, the Holyoke Taxpayers Association, the Holyoke Youth Task Force, the Gandara Youth Development Center, Holyoke Media, and radioplasma.




Mayor Alex B Morse joins us in a conversation about the achievements, challenges, plans, and vision for the City of Holyoke, as he runs for his fourth term as Mayor.

You can find more information about Morse’s campaign on his website

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