We welcome WRSI’s, Monte Belmonte to talk about Monte’s March. A fundraiser for the Food Bank of Western Mass. intended to provide food for people in need, and create awareness about hunger, and the need to end food insecurities in the region.

Celebrating its 10th edition, Monte is excited to set a goal of raising $333,333.33 and provide a million meals for people suffering from hunger.

In this conversation we got to learn about the march’s origins, and how it has been an event that has engaged different members of the communities in Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties, to address the issues of hunger. Monte’s March, is happening on November 25, and 26, of 2019, starting in Springfield, and ending in Greenfield.

To support Monte’s March, you can sign up, and contribute, visiting:

To learn more about the work the Food Bank of Western Mass. is doing, to address hunger, and providing emergency food, you can visit:

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