Know Your Candidates 2019

The 2019 Municipal Election is November 5th.

As we approach this important day for Holyoke’s democracy, Radioplasma is bringing back the series Know your candidates. Conversations with the candidates for Holyoke Municipal Election.

Every candidate, officially certified by Holyoke City Clerk to be on the ballot, is automatically invited to be interviewed on this platform. This invitation include incumbents, and unopposed.

Candidates will have the opportunity of sharing their campaigns with the public, as well as their reason to serve as public officials, and answer some questions about their candidacy, or their performance as incumbents.

This is an opportunity for candidates to let the public know about themselves and their own campaigns, and for the public to know better who are their candidates, what do they stand for, and have a more informed way to decide, who to vote for in the Municipal Election.

The official list of candidates for City Council and School Committee, is available at the Holyoke City Clerk’s website:

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