February Update by Ward 2 Councilor, Terry Murphy


We welcome Ward 2 City Councilor Terry Murphy, who shared with us what it has been the first month of work since he was appointed. On this conversation, Murphy addressed issues regarding domestic violence and his support to the Women’s Shelter Compañeras; the needs for speed limit measures around Dean Campus; taking care of specific parks.

Also, he spoke of the upcoming orders regarding disposal permits, housing, landlords allowing illegal activities, among other issues of importance not only for Ward 2, but the whole city of Holyoke.

Also, Terry Murphy invites all constituents to attend a Community Meeting, happening on February 27th, 2019 at Morgan School, seeking comments and feedback from the community regarding a new Biodigestor, and its potential impact in the area.

Lastly, the councilman shared details about an after-school program happening at Morgan School and Donahue, grades 1-4.

For questions, reaching out, and keep in communication with Mr. Terry Murphy, you can send an email to: tmurphy1hcc@comcast.net

One thought on “February Update by Ward 2 Councilor, Terry Murphy

  1. Terry, It is so nice to see you back where you belong in public service.You did a great job first time around. Good luck and god bless.


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