Terry Murphy – Ward 2 City Councilor


After his appointment as Ward 2 City Councilor, on a special session of the Holyoke City Council on January 8, 2019, Terry Murphy is our guest, and we had a conversation about his plans for the year he will be filling the position left by Nelson Roman, connecting his own experience as a former City Councilor-at-large, and his vision for 2019, looking to benefit and impact in a positive way the Ward 2 communities, and the City of Holyoke overall.

During this session, Councilor Murphy shared his contact information for all constituents interested in reaching out to him for any comments, concerns, and establish communication, and dialog.

Also, we will be updating through this platform on upcoming activities within Ward 2, office hours, and updates on orders filed at City Council by Mr. Murphy.

Terry Murphy can be reached out via email: tmurphy1hcc@comcast.net

Phone number: (413) 887 7195.


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