The series “Know Your Candidates”, presents a conversation with each one of the candidates for Ward 3, previous to the Preliminary Election of September 26th.

Each candidate was invited to talk individually about their motivations to run for office, their campaign plans, and some of the identified issues on Ward 3, that need the most attention on City Council.

You will have the opportunity to listen to candidates David Bartley (incumbent, running for re-election), and Anne Thalheimer.

Candidate Darlene Elias has been invited to be interviewed and she has accepted. Due to scheduling difficulties, she hasn’t been able to record her interview. In fairness to the other candidates, we are releasing their interviews today, September 18th, to allow enough time for the public to listen to their interviews. Candidate Elias is still welcome to do her interview, previous to the Preliminary, and it will be posted as soon it is recorded.

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