Holyoke is a city of immigrants. Known as the “Ireland’s Parish”, even before being officially named as the City of Holyoke, the “Paper City” has always been home for different cultures, nationalities, traditions, and influences. For this reason, the recognition of the immigrants who made and still make Holyoke what it is, becomes a month-long celebration of diversity, community, and identity during June, National Immigrant Heritage Month.

Mayor Alex Morse, talk about the celebration, some of the activities planned for the month of June, and the importance of recognizing the different communities in the city.

The Wistariahurst Museum will be hosting several of the activities of this celebration, becoming the main hub to welcome everybody in the community to share and celebrate our diversity. Their website, wistariahurst.org provides the information of the scheduled events.

You can find more information about the opening ceremony, and the calendar of activities during the month of June, in the City of Holyoke website: holyoke.org


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